In January 2017, The Seasteading Institute signed a Memorandum of Understanding with French Polynesia, creating a pathway for the first pilot project of floating islands governed under a "special governing framework". The Seasteading Institute entered into a collaboration with Blue Frontiers to develop floating islands and administer the seazone. We will begin building floating islands when the seazone legislation is implemented in French Polynesia in 2018.


The agreement requires us to conduct an economic impact analysis, develop an environmental assessment framework, and undertake legal research to aid in the creation of a seazone – inspired by the legal structures of special economic zones and international best practices. Additionally, we are fulfilling our obligations, developing the islands, and will administer the SeaZone, with no public funding.


Economic Impact Analysis

We hired Emsi, a notable and professional economic modeling firm, to conduct the economic impact analysis. We believe it is critical that an impartial third-party conduct this research. EMSI presented preliminary findings in May 2017 to the French Polynesian government and at our Tahitian Seasteading Gathering. The final report is forthcoming.


Environmental Framework

We hired experts from the Dutch firm Blue21 to join Blue Frontiers and lead development of the framework ensuring our project meets the most stringent environmental objectives. We are collaborating with French Polynesian research institutes to create this report, including the Director of University of California Berkeley's local Gump Station, which has provided significant guidance. This final report is forthcoming.


Legal Research

We hired GB2A, a leading French law firm implanted in Paris, to conduct legal research on providing Blue Frontiers and the French Polynesian government with suggestions for pragmatic and legal means of creating the special economic seazone.


Design & Engineering

Our team is actively developing designs and integrating the technologies we will integrate on the floating islands. We will unveil marketable designs in the fall of 2017.


Community Development

We are building a community of people interested in participating in the creation of the floating islands and seazone. We co-hosted the First Tahitian Seasteading Gathering in May 2017. We are offering curated trips to Tahiti in the fall of 2017 to introduce people to the local community and Blue Frontier’s vision for the seazone.


Business Development

Blue Frontiers is engaged in business development activities to make our endeavor a financial success and create long-term viability for the project. We are welcoming of potential partnerships and collaborations, and invite all serious inquiries.