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Welcome to Blue Frontiers

We build sustainable floating islands with unique governing frameworks

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We work on:

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Societal innovation

Governance affects every aspect of our lives, and societal innovation hasn’t kept pace with technological innovation, leaving a vast majority of perpetual discontents who disagree not only on what to try but also on the goals.

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Making land

Overcrowded urban environments need to safely and sustainably expand onto water, and millions of people globally are harshly affected by sea level rise today, with many more crippled by it tomorrow.

We design and integrate mutually reinforcing:


Ecological floating habitats


Special legal frameworks


Blockchain-based societal tools

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Environmentally responsible

We all share spaceship ocean, and Blue Frontiers is committed to ensuring it remains a pleasant place for all. Environmental externalities must be accounted for and new technologies make the choice of being responsible an easy and obvious one.

Mindful of others

We care how we affect others. Whether be it our customers or other communities we interact with. We put ourselves in their shoes to forge mutually beneficial relationships.

Ideologically neutral

We leave it up to our customers to try what they think works best to accomplish the things which matter most to them. We only set the stage for people to have the flexibility to try their innovative ideas from across the ideological spectrum.