V B A dehumidifier rainwater harvesting seawater harvesting water storage filtration / desalination solar energy harvesting water treatment (constructed wetlands / algae) anaerobic digestion / composting food production Apartments Bungalows Villas "Floating Cities, no longer Science Fiction, begin to take shape" - THE NEW YORK TIMES What is it about...? ENABLING CITIES OF THE FUTURE: Sustainable Ocean Communities The technology is ready The team is ready involving more than 100 active and accomplished professionals WATER SOURCES: Rain, Seawater & Air (humidity) Completely filtered and stored for daily use. ENERGY SOURCES: Solar & Bio-fuel Partly stored for use during the night or less sunny days. WASTEWATER: Nothing gets wasted Nutrients are reused for gardening NET POSITIVE ECOSYSTEM SERVICES ..and monitoring underwater ecosystems Blue Frontiers Home TIME HORIZON: 2040 LEVEL OF AUTONOMY: Utilities: 100% Resources: 100% Seakeeping: 100% Self-regulation: 100%