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Seasteads are permanent settlements on floating structures, which Blue Frontiers designs to be environmentally responsible, with a large autonomy negotiated with host governments.

Why float?

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New land

Coastal land is scarce in many places and only getting scarcer. Fortunately, we can build more!

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Over water

Offshore it is tsunami proof, and it is sea level rise proof anywhere. That will help.

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Pieces of real estate can be moved around near and far, detach, recombine, and float away. We call it “dynamic geography”.

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Each piece of floating land can be under its own special governing framework, allowing for flexible and reconfigurable parallel experimentation.

But what about...

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It varies widely based on our designs and their location. In some places it can be more expensive than land based real estate. In others it can already be cheaper. Affordability is only getting better, everywhere. There is one for most budgets already.

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Our first designs are meant to be out of hurricane paths, but we will work on new hurricane proof designs. The wind is comparably easier to design for, it’s the resulting waves we have to design the most for.

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We have designs meant for protected and calm waters, as well as designs for the open ocean. We can already design for both safety and comfort in most environments, and the main difference is the cost of the structure.

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We have developed a comprehensive environmental framework from our team’s experience with how floating structures interact with the environment. We adapt it to each location’s unique ecosystem to ensure a neutral to positive influence.

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Piracy is only a real problem in a few areas we are not going to. Regular crime can generally be handled by some combination of onboard security and government forces, widely depending on the location and agreements in place.